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Hotel Mechi Crown Our Story

Our Humble Beginnings.

Our Humble Beginnings

The Eastern Nepal has always been known for sharing its borders with India, mainly the city of Siliguri, which to very few people’s knowledge, is India’s second largest metropolitan city. More reasons why Eastern Nepal has always had its potential of developing into an economic and a luxury tourism hub. And this is where our story begins.

The Journey of a Lifetime

It all started with a journey, as all stories do. A business trip to Siliguri is what it took for a vision to begin. During his voyage, one of our founders – Mr. Balram Sapkota had the farsighted realization of what was missing in the Eastern region of Nepal, and how that could all change with the establishment of a world-class luxury hotel. Dreams come big they say, and this one was as big as it could be – a dream to mark the underrated Eastern Nepal on the International map.

A Vision Came to Life

With just a strong vision and a dream, he sojourned into bringing this thought into action. But what is meant to be will always be. And that’s when our Visionary Chairman – Mr. Pavitra Kumar Karki, became a crucial part of this vision, ardent in bringing it to life. With various successful ventures in a very short period of time, he added his experience and his resources to what is today Nepal’s First Five-Star Deluxe Hotel – a one-of-a-kind hotel that facilitates to not just the local but international clientele.

Opportunities Unfolded

Today, Hotel Mechi Crown stands at a pivotal point for travelers and businesses between Nepal, India, Bhutan, and many other nations. In the words of our Founder, this is ‘A City of Opportunities’, which he realized long before where it stands today. The undiscovered region of Eastern Nepal, turned into a blessing, as it became the perfect place for infrastructure development and had a future very few saw. Siliguri, Dharan, Biratnagar and other booming cities of Bhutan and Bangladesh play a major role in the entirety, as the development of a modish and luxurious hotel so close to these cities gave travelers an opportunity to explore the region, which wasn’t until recently given this new face – the royal side of Eastern Nepal.

While bringing heritage and culture back to life, Hotel Mechi Crown proudly serves its guests through its multi-faceted services and amenities, while involving the guests to dive into the local culture of Eastern Beauty of Nepal. In a timeless prestige that it holds now, we welcome you to Experience, Discover, Explore and Get Inspired by Hotel Mechi Crown – your ultimate travel partner.

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